Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eagle: The Soaring Sage

In this series, I have been discussing the seven Shamanic archetypes that are "given" to the Shaman through a special ceremony called the Harmony Rite. This week I will discuss Eagle: The Soaring Sage.

Eagle represents vision, clarity, and insight. On the Medicine Wheel he lives in the East and is connected to the Sun and the Mountains. Eagle teaches us to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit and to dream our world into being.

When we are connected to Eagle we see from our hearts with great perspective. We see all the pieces in one picture and we can create new pieces if we choose. We can soar all the way to the Sun in order to reach our dreams.

In Eagle meditations, I allow myself to feel the powerful wings of Eagle as if they were my own.  I feel the wind lift me higher and higher until I am able to receive mythic messages very clearly; as if Spirit itself has whispered directly in my ear.

It is very peaceful to see the world from the mountain tops, to embody Eagle. Being deeply connected to Spirit in this way allows me to be closest to my purest energetic self . I can cast aside all ego and allow myself to simply exist.

If you would like to connect to your own Eagle, set the intention to create a pure relationship with the archetype. Place your hands over your fourth chakra and speak directly to him. Allow Eagle to expand your heart's energy until it radiates with the power of the Sun. Reach out your arms, the same way Eagle spreads its wings, and soar above yourself until you see the beauty of your true being as Spirit sees you.

Read next week for my blog post about the fifth powerful archetype: Huascar.

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