Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quetzalcoatl: The Conscious Creator

As I have been discussing, there are seven Shamanic archetypes that are "given" to the Shaman through a special ceremony called the Harmony Rite. This week I will discuss Quetzalcoatl: The Conscious Creator.

Quetzalcoatl is an Aztec god and Shamanic archetype. There are many Shamanic traditions around the world and Quetzalcoatl's mythic nature is experienced in Inca culture as well.

He represents the conscious world and teaches us how to create anyi (right relationship) in our every day life. Quetzalcoatl is deeply connected to the Earth, tending its plants and stones, and is said to be responsible for music, dance, flutes and drums.

He is also a creation of his own right - part bird, part serpent, capable of flight.

I call upon Quetzalcoatl when I am feel unbalanced. He is a stabilizing force and is willing to share his deep wisdom. When I am overwhelmed or exhausted from too many tasks, I imagine myself dancing with Quetzalcoatl as an expression of anyi. Gently gliding across the dance floor, gracefully and effortlessly moving our bodies, he doing his part of the dance, me doing mine.

I  believe that anyone can create relationships with their archetypes regardless of whether they have received the Harmony Rite. However, the intention to create a pure relationship with your archetype is required. If you would like to connect with Quetzalcoatl, try placing you hands over your sixth chakra and speak to him directly. Ask him "Which of my relationships needs balance?"

Read next week for my blog post about the seventh archetype: Pachakuti.


  1. Beautiful!!!!!! I love this!
    Cassy <3

  2. Now the images are much more complicated and harder to identify as part of myself.

  3. Hi Cassy! Glad you <3 my post! I <3 YOU! Thanks for reading.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Yes I agree - with Quetzalcoatl it is a bit harder to indentify him as a part of yourself. It might help you to imagine yourself wearing a mask that looks like Quetzalcoatl. You are still you but you can assume his personality for a minute or two and see what wisdom comes from that. If that doesnt work let me know, I'd be happy to help you find a way to connect with Quetzalcoatl that works for you.


  5. It kind of weird. I have the spirit of the feathered serpent, or popular by the name pf Quetzalcoatl, inside of me. It was said that there were 6 other people in this world that shares the same spirit that dwells inside me. And i am in a quest of finding a boy who share the same thing. It was said that this boy lives in the other part of the world, and will have a strong connection with my inner self. Maybe if you happen to know those who have been into the harmony rites initation and might comply to what i mentioned above, I'd love to be informed.

    -From Indonesia, the little shaman girl that has yet to achieve fullfilment in life.

    1. If you remain anonymous then we can't connect. I was told this name during a reading and that I needed to do more research of my connection to this lineage.