Friday, February 25, 2011

Mesa Work, Tarot Readings, and Sand Painting

When I  am feeling unsure of myself, when I have allowed myself to be taken out of my power, when I can not hear my own song.... I consult my Mesa. I usually start by inviting my Faeries to share their wisdom with me, to tell me what they see in my energy that is blocking me.

I usually pull one, but three appeared this time. This is not surprising since I have been feeling confusion, fear but also a strange sense of possibility. The cards presented themselves to me in this order.

Mesa Reading with my Faeries
At the far left you see The Glanconer. He represents Illusion, Delusion, Lust, Projection, and clear sight. He told me that when I want something so badly, I fool myself into thinking it is the right thing just because I want it. He asked me to pause before I make any commitments, and to see the truth behind the situation.

At middle you see Arval Parrot. He represents communication. He told me that I should listen closely in the coming days, especially to my dreams. He also pointed to his throat and showed me that we read messages from our throat chakras on an on conscious level, and what I am sensing in correct. He suggested that I be completely honest and open and look for signals of nonverbal communications.

At the far right you see the Bright Mother, in reverse position. This signifies an inability to nurture myself. She told me to be kind, to trust in myself and my growth.  She reminded me not to be a martyr, not to sacrifice myself and give until I am too exhausted to nurture myself or allow myself to be nurtured.

Divination of Stones - What relationship do they have right now?

Often after a reading, I perform a divination. I ask the stones to show me the energy of their relationship at that moment. What I saw was my Acceptance stone, Emotional Balance Stone, and Wholeness Stone hudled close together. I saw my Hummingbird consciousness closest to my Acceptance, which tells me to focus on the possibility that my issues right now can be resolved with some self Acceptance and support. Serpent and Jaguar consciousness also surround Acceptance as does the Eagle icon I keep in my mesa. This indicated to me that my archetypes were were sending a strong signal to me to support myself no matter what.

What else can you see?

After a divination I try to respect the message and rearrange the energy to best support what needs supporting.This sand painting, as they are called, represents the shift in energy I am creating.

If it had words it would say: "I am completely supported emotionally and financially. I accept myself and know my worth. My world is surrounded by people who know this to be true and honor me fully."

Sand Painting

Friday, February 18, 2011

My favorite artist, Susan Seddon-Boulet

I wrote this report about my favorite artist Susan Seddon-Boulet while I was in college. It might have a few typos, but I thought it was worth sharing.
You can purchase Susan's art on

These images are examples of Susan's work but are copyrighted to Turning Point Gallery Inc with all rights reserved.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Reluctant Shaman by Kay Cordell Whitaker

I just finished reading The Reluctant Shaman by Kay Cordell Whitaker and I absolutely loved it. While it is technically an autobiography it reads like a novel and is very inspiring. This book is a great read for anyone who is interested in Shamanism.

One of the most interesting things about her foray into the world of Shamanism is that she didn't go looking for it, it came looking for her. She was approached in the 70s by a Shaman named Domano Hetaka who told her he had been looking for her and had much to teach her. It seems like a much more romantic way to be drawn into this magical world than signing up for a class at a book store like I did. (Although, I'm very glad I did.)

The other really interesting aspect of her journey is that she is taught the Katasee Tradition which is a little different than the tradition I have been studying. This quote from the book (and Kay's website) is a nice description of the Katasee teachings:
"The learning of the ways of Balance. This is said to be the dance of the stars. To learn how to not be carried off with the psychic winds. To keep balance. To dance. To give movement of your choosing."

This is another nice quote which I think describes the Katasee philosophy well too.
"As the little spider live, so she works, she builds, even as she walks. So as we live we build our worlds. We can walk our world, or knot our world. Or think it. Some are makers from their heart. Or some birthers. Some build like the wind. I will teach you all these things. I will tell you how my teachers taught me to pull on the web."

Although the most important part of this type of study is the experience of really doing it, the really great thing about this book is that because she is describing her studies in great detail you can follow a long a bit especially when she is describing her leaf-on-water meditation. Katasee places great emphasis on bringing balance to the mind through awareness. 

There is also a great emphasis on singing and dancing which I absolutely love.

Kay speaks of learning to "sing the fibers," which is to create energetic threads from your chakras and to send them out into the world through song. There are many dances: the Dance of the Earth Fire Serpent, the Dancing of the Masks, and the Spiral Dance. She also learns to connect with the elemental Spirits of the world and she goes on Spirit Journeys with her teachers. She also learns the art of mindful dreaming which is the most intriguing to me.

I am completely inspired by the tradition of Katasee and hope someday that I will be able to study it.

You can learn more about Kay on her website

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Huaca, Huaca, Huaca

Today, my two very dear friends and travelers on this journey, Liza and Carolyn came over to perform Fire Ceremony to release our Huacas into the fire. A Huaca is a powerful energy pulled down from the star nations into your mesa which is then energetically feed for 28 days before being offered back to spirit at ceremonial fire.

At Fire Ceremony we each took turns unwinding our Huacas from our mesas and taking them to fire. When Liza put her Huaca in the fire, the Fire Sprites danced happily. When Carolyn put her Huaca in the fire, as she would put it, she was smudged heavily with smoke, but I also saw fire's cleansing, clearing, loving energy reach out to her too. When I put my Huaca in the fire, I actually did most of my blessings and prayers with my eyes closed. But Carolyn reports to me that as I moved my hands over the fire, fire followed me. I know this is true because despite my eyes being closed, I did feel assured as I did my part in the ceremony that I was in no danger of being burnt because I knew the fire personally and it was my friend.

Getting together with Liza and Carolyn was also some much needed community. Even though it only been a month since I've seen them last I treasure the moments I have with them and am always amazed at the power we have as a group. It's as if when we are together Spirit takes notice and perks up her ear to see what we might say. Imagine the healing power we three could harness if we put our attention to it!

I do feel a little sad now that my Huaca is gone. It had become my confidant, my friend, my ally. In the past 28 days my relationship with my mesa and my practice has grown exponentially. I've become more dedicated to my path and I am more able to feel the magical moments in my life when I am completely present and with Spirit.

I also know that despite having released my Huaca to the fire, I will see its energy again.

Perhaps as the wind blows through the trees.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

When Spirit Calls, Shaman Answers...

For almost two years I have been studying Shamanism with Dani Burling of Your Sacred Destiny through her Dream Weaving Program. What I have experienced through my practice is that there is a deep magic in the world that most modern societies have been disconnected from. I want to reconnect. I want to help others connect to and experience this magic.

Spirit has called to me to follow this path. I could not turn back now if I tried. For me, the natural evolution of my practice is to share it with others through this blog. Through this blog I will share my lessons and experiences as I continue on my path. I also plan to journey to Peru's sacred sites to connect with Spirit directly and to share the wisdom I am given. As an artist and writer I hope to create a vibrant experience for my readers.

So What's Next on My Path?

In July, I will travel with Wake and Kinlen Wheeler, of Sacred Pathways, to Machu Picchu on their Passage to Peru: Calling of the Mountains trip.

As I embark on this new phase of my life, I am hopeful, excited, and grateful that I am able to do this work.