Practices & Principles


The Practice of Non-Suffering
This practice means you no longer create stories in your life that feed pain. A story is something we tell ourselves that limits us and blinds us to the truth of who we really are. This practice is also about being present enough to avoid being caught in the stories of others, or "colluding" with their pain.
The Practice of Non-Judgment
This practice means you learn to let go of your own judgments and do not assume the judgments of others. You are open to the limitless possibilities that spirit has to offer.

The Practice of Non-Attachment
This practice means that you let go of all of the identities you have created for yourself which have created limiting patterns in your life.You learn to source from your true self and be guided by spirit. This is the practice of having no expectations of this or that and being fully present in your life.
The Practice of the Beauty Way
This practice means that you learn to always see the beauty in any situation, even one that may perceive as unpleasant. This practice teaches you to see everything in your life as a lesson and that when something unpleasant occurs it is a reflection of some part of yourself that still needs healing.

No Colluding
Track the true meaning of any situation and see beyond the story.
Surrender yourself to be divinely guided by spirit. Let your light shine and use your energy for your highest good. Engage in only those behaviors which support your spirit.
No Back Doors
Be 100% committed to your path and trust that you have everything you need to act for your highest good.
Make conscious choices. Source from spirit, so you do not have to draw your sword and defend yourself every time someone pushes your buttons.