About Me

Emily Cole, Shamanic Practitioner
A Message From Emily:
This is my first aura photograph from May 2004 and I think it says a lot about me. When you look at this photo you can clearly see two orange orbs, one which is located inside my head. This is a visual representation of my connection to spirit and my ability to "speak" with spirit. This photograph was taken shortly after a vivid dream in which my deceased Grandfather contacted me within a dream and gave me a message for my family. I believe that the second orange orb is a visual representation of my Grandfather before he returned to the spirit world. Since 2004 when this photo was taken, I have explored many metaphysical pursuits including Shamanism which has become my foundation. If you are interested in pursuing Shamanistic studies, I highly recommend my teachers Dani Burling and Wake and Kinlen Wheeler

This aura photograph was taken by Anne Angelheart.