Shamanic Healing


An illumination is a way to cleanse the body's chakras which may become blocked or imbalanced when triggered by deep emotional issues. It is very much like Reiki healing but goes deeper, working on the mythic level, to heal the core issues which causes the energetic imbalance in the first place. During an illumination it is also possible to remove crystallized energies from past lives and attached energies that are not your own.

Sand Paintings

Sand Paintings don't necessarily involve sand. A sand painting is a way of creating a sculpture of objects which represent energy and emotions that you would like to shift. After an illumination, a sand painting is a great way to anchor your mythic energetic healing in a literal way (we do after all live in the literal world). To create a sand painting, you use several items which will symbolically represent the un-healed energy or emotion you worked on during your illumination. Once that energy has been established you may then move the objects around to create a new energetic representation of the healed energy you have created during your illumination. You may need to sit with the painting (in both states, unhealed and healed) and feel its energy for several hours or days in order to know when the new healed energy has been anchored in your life. Once it has been anchored and you truly feel the healed energy, you disassemble the painting thanking each symbol for the gift and lesson it has taught you. For example if one of your objects, represented always feeling unappreciated in your relationships, the new energy and gift would likely be knowing that you appreciate yourself and can bring that energy to your relationships. You may also create a new energetic statement that represents the healing you have received. Of course your healing statement will be reflective of whatever issue you worked on, but an example would be "I am fully supported in a loving way by all of the people in my life."

Fluid Extractions 

During an illumination, a Shaman may discover that the client has an energy attached to them that is not their own. This energy may be a lost spirit and will need assistance in order to return to the spirit world. There is no need to fear these sorts of attachments, only to realize that they no longer serve you and release them.

Soul Retrieval

There are many deep levels of healing that a Shaman can help a client access, such as a Soul Retrieval. A Soul Retrieval is a method to understanding past lives and their effect on your current life. A Soul Retrieval heals these past lives and returns to the client the healed parts of their psyche lost in a past life.


A Despacho is a prayer offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth). It is created by layering a variety of symbolic items such as corn (abundance), chocolate (enjoying the sweetness of life), and flowers (walking the beauty way). Spirit is called upon to come and help prepare the offering which is created with the intent of bring peace and harmony to Pachamama. Each symbolic item is arranged on a square of white paper and specific prayers are said for each item. Once the Despacho is complete it is taken to ceremonial fire as an offering to Pachamama. A Despacho is a powerful healing tool because it creates a wave of energy which heals and shifts everyone and everything it touches.