Saturday, February 5, 2011

Huaca, Huaca, Huaca

Today, my two very dear friends and travelers on this journey, Liza and Carolyn came over to perform Fire Ceremony to release our Huacas into the fire. A Huaca is a powerful energy pulled down from the star nations into your mesa which is then energetically feed for 28 days before being offered back to spirit at ceremonial fire.

At Fire Ceremony we each took turns unwinding our Huacas from our mesas and taking them to fire. When Liza put her Huaca in the fire, the Fire Sprites danced happily. When Carolyn put her Huaca in the fire, as she would put it, she was smudged heavily with smoke, but I also saw fire's cleansing, clearing, loving energy reach out to her too. When I put my Huaca in the fire, I actually did most of my blessings and prayers with my eyes closed. But Carolyn reports to me that as I moved my hands over the fire, fire followed me. I know this is true because despite my eyes being closed, I did feel assured as I did my part in the ceremony that I was in no danger of being burnt because I knew the fire personally and it was my friend.

Getting together with Liza and Carolyn was also some much needed community. Even though it only been a month since I've seen them last I treasure the moments I have with them and am always amazed at the power we have as a group. It's as if when we are together Spirit takes notice and perks up her ear to see what we might say. Imagine the healing power we three could harness if we put our attention to it!

I do feel a little sad now that my Huaca is gone. It had become my confidant, my friend, my ally. In the past 28 days my relationship with my mesa and my practice has grown exponentially. I've become more dedicated to my path and I am more able to feel the magical moments in my life when I am completely present and with Spirit.

I also know that despite having released my Huaca to the fire, I will see its energy again.

Perhaps as the wind blows through the trees.

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