Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pachakuti: Transformer of the World

In this final post in my series about the seven Shamanic archetypes, I will discuss Pachakuti: Transformer of the World.

In life Pachakuti was the great Inca emperor said to have commissioned Machu Picchu's construction. As an archetype he represents the superconscious world and teaches us how to step outside of time. He is connected to the Spirit world where all possibilities are kept and facilitates great change and spiritual awakening, and sometimes great upheaval. Because Pachakuti lives in the Spirit world he is not bound by time and he can help you heal your past and your future at the same time. He is the ultimate co-creator.

When I started this post I was having a hard time describing Pachakuti's nature despite my relationship with him - after all Shamanism is really about the experience of the mythic and not the ability to describe it in plain words. So, I decided I would journey with Pachakuti in order to help me find the words for this blog.  However, as I picked up my rattle I broke it and thus experienced the perfect mythic expression of Pachakuti's nature.

I was, of course, very upset having broken one of my most sacred objects and something I believe to hold deep magic. However when I broke my rattle, Pachakuti reminded me it is impossible to destroy the Magic of Spirit - you can only transform it.

If you would like to create a relationship with Pachakuti, set the intention to create a pure relationship with him, place your hands over your 7th chakra and speak directly to him. Ask him to help you find the magic that lives in your life.  Be conscientious and ask that this discovery be gentle, as Pachakuti has a way to transforming every part of your world.

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