Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Profound Journey of Self and Spirit

When I set out on my journey to Peru, I knew I was not simply traveling to another country, I was embarking on a profound and spiritual journey of self. What has been surprising however is that the real work for this journey actually began when I returned home, when I was presented with the challenge of integrating the wisdom I received in Peru into my every day life.

Since my return I have had two marvelous astrological readings. One from Ken Johnson who does Mayan Astrology readings and this first part of a reading from Maridel Bowes who does what she calls evolutionary readings. Both have held extraordinary insights about my nature of my  soul's purpose, something I have been very focused on since my return.

In addition to these readings, and as I noted in my last blog, I have reconnected with my childhood friend Leigh who has inspired me to explore my relationship with Christianity further. One of the key insights I received immediately after returning from Peru is that I am a person who needs a consistent spiritual community. The wonderful thing about Shamanism is it does not exclude me from pursuing God through a specific religious context. Shamanism is very much in line with the belief that there can be many paths to Spirit.

Knowing now that I need a spiritual community and that I have been drawn to Christianity, I must be committed enough to myself to explore what that means (no matter how strange it may seem to my Jewish family) and I am excited to embark on this new relationship with God.

I have also come to realize that I am a person who needs to be completely connected to my soul's purpose in order to be truly fulfilled. I believe that as my journey of self progresses I will discover my soul's true purpose and have the courage and conviction to accept the challenge Spirit laid out for me when I was born. And I challenge all of you who may regularly read my blog, and even those who may have accidentally stumbled upon it (there are no accidents), to accept MY challenge.

I challenge you to seek out your highest truth and explore the reason you are on this beautiful planet. Spend the next week contemplating "How does Spirit express itself through ME?" (or if you prefer alternate wording "How does God express Himself through ME?")

I'd love to hear what you discover.

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