Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Power of Forgiveness and Prayer

Last week I tweeted “forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself for whatever real or perceived mistakes you have made.” I didn’t realize it at the time, but in sending this tweet I was a subconsciously forgiving myself for a mistake I made 6 years ago when I pushed away my childhood best friend, Leigh. Later that day, after I had forgotten about my tweet, I wrote her a letter of apology asking for her forgiveness.

Leigh and I on our Senior Skip Day trip to Capitola circa 1998.
To my surprise, she forgave me right away, and allayed my guilt for our estrangement saying that she knew this was the way it had to be for us both to grow. In the past week we have been emailing regularly and I have come to discover that while we have spent the last few years apart, we have both been working on our Spiritual lives in similar ways. 

What has been especially touching for me is that she has shared with me a prayer that helped her to know her true purpose, something I have been questioning since my return from Peru.

This is the prayer:
"I know I was created to do something great. I know I have been given everything I need to achieve this purpose. I am excited to get started - Please reveal it to me."   

I know now that Spirit guided me to reconnect with Leigh and to receive this prayer. What’s more is that Leigh has also been praying with me so that I may be shown my purpose and the messages God has given her to share with me have been equally powerful. 

This past week has shown me the true power of forgiveness – starting with forgiveness of self.

Spirit has given me a truly special gift.

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