Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tell The Universe What You Want With Your Intentions

The Universe loves you and wants you to be happy.
Everything in the world is made of energy, even our thoughts. When we think positively about a thing or a situation, we are more likely to see positive results. When we set intentions for ourselves we direct our positive thoughts and make them more powerful and effective.

It's important that when you set an intention you are specific - the Universe IS listening. How you frame your intention is just as important as having one. The Universe does not  understand negative words and phrases like no, not, and don't. So if you say, "I don't want to be broke every month" the Universe only hears "broke every month." And that's exactly what you get.

Try saying, "I want to have $200 in my savings account at the end of every month" instead. Of course, you can't just set an intention to save money and then do nothing. Setting an intention is like working with the Universe on an energetic "To Do" list. If you want to accomplish your task then you'll have to take action.

Your actions don't have to be dramatic, you just have to take steps in the right direction and the Universe will support you. The more positive action you take, the more the Universe will step up to match your actions and produce equally positive results.

I have heard some of my friends ask for the Universe to deliver whatever things and situations are for their "highest good." I've actually set this intention before too. However, this is an interesting intention to set because many times we ask for such a thing, and can not recognize it when it comes.

For instance, if you are running late and you miss a flight, you might be angry or upset. However, it may have been for your highest good that you missed that plane. Perhaps you will meet someone in the airport while waiting for the next flight that will help change your life. Perhaps the plane will be delayed at the layover, and the second flight will be on time.

When you set your intention you must be willing to accept what comes your way. .You must be patient in receiving what you have asked for. And remember that when you set an intention, you don't have to know how something may happen but you must truly believe that it WILL happen.

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