Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Power Animal Journey

Many Shamans believe that everyone has a power animal (or several power animals) that can help them along their path. Power animals can act as guardians angels and should be honored for the wisdom they bring to your life.

Recently, I did a Shamanic Power Animal Journey to discover mine. It is always best to be guided on a journey but since I am experienced at this practice, I knew I was able to navigate the journey myself.

There are many types of journeys, some with drums, some with rattles, or music, some in which you enter the underworld and some in which you enter the upper world.

However for mine I used a rattle to create a rhythm that would allow me to enter an altered state, and I visualized entering the tree of life. Once inside I allowed myself to look around and to be guided by what I found. I found myself looking up, up, up.

So I allowed my mind to take me up and out onto the tree's branches so that I was completely surrounded by leaves. While I was studying the leaves, I began to see a Chameleon camouflaged in the background and I knew I had found my power animal.

The Chameleon is the wisdom of clairvoyance and auric sensitivity.
"For those with this totem, new awareness of their own psychic ability and intuition is being awakened...those with this totem will find their own sensitivity to the environment and other people increasing...Every time we come into contact with another person, here is an exchange of energy...those will this totem will begin to realize and recognize this exchange much more distinctly."
If you are interested in connecting with your own power animal (or animals) you can work with a Shaman or you can do your own personal work. On your own you can use a guided meditation CD on power animals, ask for a power animal to come to you in a dream using my dream work technique, and you can work with a power animals tarot deck. You can also take your cues from nature. If you begin to see animals in your environment that you don't ordinary see, it might be a power animal communication.

Learn more about power animals with Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews. is also a great web resource.

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