Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Serpent: The Physical Healer

In Shamanism, at least in the tradition I was taught, there are seven archetypes. Seeds for these archetypes are "given" to the Shaman through a special ceremony called the Harmony Rite. In this way, and through many meditations at the fire, the Shaman develops a personal relationship with these archetypes, who become powerful allies.

Serpent represents physical healing and teaches us to shed our past the way she sheds her skin. On the Medicine Wheel, she lives in the South and has a deep connection to Pachamama (the Q'ero word for Mother Earth).

For me, my relationship with Serpent represents a physical connection to Spirit. One in which I can "feel" messages being delivered to me through my senses.

For example, many days I each lunch outside in the rose garden near my office. I sometimes close my eyes while sitting on the bench, and through Serpent feel the world around me. What am I smelling, what's touching my skin, what's under my feet, what's above my head, what's behind me, etc.

I have found this to be very calming and a deep expression of the power of Serpent.

I believe that anyone can create a connection to the archetypes whether they have received the Harmony Rite or not. After all, the key to almost everything in life is the intention you put behind it.

If you would like to connect with this archetype, try gently placing your hands over your first chakra and speaking directly to Serpent. Imagine what she looks like. Is she big or little? What color is she? What texture is her skin? Is SHE really a HE? Everyone's archetypes will be tailored to them, so pay close attention so that you may honor your Serpent as it truly is.

Serpent already knows you on the deepest level possible. She has burrowed deep into your soul's hiding places and sees the wounds which need healing. She can bring your attention to those places and help you shed what no longer serves you. She is a powerful ally, indeed.

Read next week for my blog post about the second powerful archetype: Jaguar.


  1. Thanks for this piece! I'll look for next week's.
    Love Dagaji

  2. Thanks so much. I'm glad this connected with you.

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