Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everything for a Reason

What possibilities are blooming are in your life?
When I started this blog, it was my intent to honestly share my experiences with Shamanism with as many people as possible in an easy and free way. I have always wanted to be a writer and I thought this was a good outlet to revive a dream that I long ago relegated to my imagination. And as the Universe does often, it reminded me that there are possibilities I haven't even imagined. Possibilities which have existed even before I ever became aware of their swirling around me.

Last November, when I was re-assigned at my day job, to what they then called the "Legislative Reporter," I cried.... a lot. I thought to myself "Why would they do this to me? I know NOTHING about the Legislative process. This is so unfair, I wanted something else."

I tossed and turned it in my mind but finally surrendered to the idea that it was best to go along with it as willingly as possible and be as emotionally stable as possible about such a gigantic shift in my life. Which by the way was really really hard, even for someone like me who always at least tries to find the bright side of any situation.

Despite the fact that the job continues to be grueling, after about 4 months, there are things for which I am actually grateful. For instance this re-assignment has forced me to write, proofread, re-write and edit daily, which has only made those skills stronger and stronger. I also now manage nearly all of our agency's main social media efforts which has allowed me to learn new technology and reach out to people I would have never even imagined. I must also give MAJOR CREDIT to my co-worker Allison Fuller who is my main social media and marketing inspiration and collaborator! All of the work she has done for our agency, even before I imagined I could work in social media, has been an endless source of my professional success so far.

Allison and I also went to a social media conference together recently to learn more about what we could be doing and how to make what we are doing for our agency better. Through that conference, we met Ann Evanston, the Warrior-Preneur, and are both now a part of her Social Networking Coaching Club. One things I've already learned is that I'll need a more comprehensive blogging site. (Which means eventually this blog will have to be transitioned likely to WordPress.)

Through this re-assignment, I have started to see the hidden possibilities in my life. Like, the possibility that my dream of being a writer could be realized. Like, the possibility that through social media I can reach an interested audience, create relationships with other writers, and make business partnerships. But perhaps the most interesting possibility is that the idea that I can inspire others.By using social media to communicate my experiences with Shamanism, I might just inspire them spiritually.

Another possibility is that I could even teach others how to also use social media effectively and inspire them to inspire even more people in whatever way THEY choose. It's limitless! I have been so shocked by the magic of all of these pieces finally coming together in my mind for me to recognize!

So, look around. What's happening right now? Are their possibilities that have been swirling around you waiting to be recognized?

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